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For extra advice on how to write reports, go to Guidance on Writing Student Reports

A note on writing reports

As a tutor it is up to you to encourage a growth mindset in your students. This is the idea that not understanding something is absolutely fine, as a lack of understanding represents an opportunity for learning. Tutors are encouraged to promote the belief that the route to ‘knowing’ something requires perseverance, effort and willingness to get it wrong a few times before attaining that EUREKA moment. As such, this report is intended to compliment that philosophy and to reward effort, diligence and slow and methodological progress. The myth of intelligence as a ‘fixed’ concept is something that we aim to dismantle: intelligence in any field can be learnt. Some students may take longer to grasp the basics, but their conceptual understanding may eventually be deeper once they have understood the rudimentary aspects of a subject 

In this respect, the most important part of this report is the Effort Scores. This is the primary indicator of how successful your the student’s tutorials have been. Please reward them accordingly if you have a reward system in place or speak to their parents to get something organised which you both agree on.

In comparison, the Achievement Code is there simply as an overview of your student’s speed of progress. As stated, speed of progress depends on the type of learner and is not a mark of intelligence, but in fact indicates that the student is quick at picking up new information. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to restrain from rewarding your student based on their Achievement code as it reinforces the ides of Intelligence as a fixed concept.

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Use the guide on writing reports for help with this section. Make note of topic areas have been covered, how the student has responded to your lessons and studying in these areas, how they have progressed and any areas they have found challenging. Especially important is to write some words of positive encouragement and to find some things that the student did well in
Use the guide to report writing to help with this section. Give your student an idea of how they can improve next term and what things they should focus on in order to up-level.
Which of the following most describes the efforts of your student this term?
Which of the following most describes the achievements of your student this term
If there are any concerns you have about your teaching, the student's learning or anything at all, please let us know here. Whatever you write here will not be shared with the student's parents until we have had a chance to speak to you.