Our partnership with See Beyond Borders

See Beyond Borders is a UNESCO award winning charity that provides teacher training for primary level Cambodian teachers, breaking the cycle of educational poverty and giving students a brighter future. See Beyond Borders have changed lives by creating a professional and skilled teaching workforce which has been lacking since the brutal Khmer Rouge regime.

With a generation of teachers lost, and with limited public finding for education since, many teachers lack the knowledge and confidence to effectively teach primary level Maths.

For every £10 that your tutor or mentor earns. We will donate £1 to See Beyond Borders.

If you would like to donate to See Beyond Borders and take advantage of gift-aid in your country, please click on the relevant button below. Even the smallest amounts go a long way toward keeping children in school and giving them a quality education. Or read below to find out a little bit more about why this worthwhile cause.

Why Cambodia?

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ChangE begins with education…

Quality teaching and learning should be available to everyone. See Beyond Borders work with local communities and schools to improve teaching standards in rural schools. See Beyond Borders have a vision of implementing systemic change in Cambodia by equipping teachers with the skills to pass on to the next generation of teachers and empower children with education.

The Situation

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Keeping children In education…

50% of Cambodian children do not complete primary school. Often, with limited options in education they will go into work around the age of 12. The length of time a student stays in school is a direct indicator of life chances - improving the likelihood of a long, healthy and happy life.

The Mission

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PRoviding a Brighter future…

See Beyond Borders work with schools to train teachers, improving the quality of education, thereby increasing enrolment and attendance rates. Primary school

teachers are taught all of the basics that you would expect to see in a classroom; using resources; encouraging students to ask questions and be curious; creating stimulating learning environments; and making learning interactive and fun. These essentials amount to a big difference in student lives and learning outcomes.

To find out more about See Beyond Borders or to get involved in another way, do get in touch with them by clicking through to their website.