5 hours: Pro Tutor/Mentor

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5 hours: Pro Tutor/Mentor

361.00 380.00

Once you have booked we are committed to finding a tutor that fits your needs. If for any reason we can’t find someone who fits your circumstances, or you are unhappy with the service we have provided, we will refund your block booking payment.

For every hour of contact time that you have, your tutor will be working 2 hours in total. Lessons take time to prepare and writing reports, offering feedback and marking work are all included in this price.

Once purchased we will contact you instantly to arrange our free two-stage consultation to help us find exactly the

This includes a 5% discount for block booking

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When you book time with a Professional tutor/mentor you will get:

  • Tutor/mentor excels in chosen subject area

  • Tutor/mentor shows excellent organisational and communication skills

  • Tutor/mentor has excellent academic or professional references

  • Tutor/ Mentor DBS checked

  • Lesson reports supplied after every session

  • In-depth end of term reports delivered 3 times a year (Christmas, Easter, Summer holidays)

  • Tutors/mentors fully supported by London Bright Sparks educational directors

  • London Bright Sparks educational directors available for discussion and support at any time

  • Tutor/mentor has delivered 50 hours of lessons with us, and has received excellent feedback

  • Tutor/mentor has completed over 500 hours of one-to-one tuition with us or another agency

  • Tutor/mentor has professional qualification (PGCE, CELTA or equivalent) or over 1000 hours of in-school or one-to-one experience in their subject area

  • Tutor offers guidance to other tutors at London Bright Sparks