What kind of tutor/mentor suits your needs?

We pride ourselves on being able to offer tuition to suit a range of budgets. All of the tutors and mentors that we place are hardworking, reliable, diligent, great communicators and have a proven academic record in their subject area. After this we split our tutors into 3 categories which based on their experience and their qualifications.

  • Regular Tutors/Mentors - Typically undergraduates or school leavers who are bright with a good academic record and are great communicators. They are motivated

  • Advanced Tutors/Mentors - Typically will be graduates or professionals who have more teaching experience in their subject area. Either in school or in a one-to-one environment. They will have received consistently good feedback for previous tutoring and mentoring roles.

  • Professional Tutors/Mentors - Typically will be teachers with a qualification or those with many years worth of tutoring or mentoring experience .

One thing worth bearing in minds when looking at the prices below is that tutors and mentors typically spend 1 hour planning, marking and writing reports for every 1 hour of contact time spent. So for every hour of contact time, please do consider this to be 2 hours of work for your tutor/mentor

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