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We split our mentors up into 3 categories. Though if you have a specific situation and are unsure as to whether it fits into one of these areas do get in touch. We pride ourselves on providing just the person for each students specific circumstances.



When students lose confidence in their abilities, they will be come afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes are the fertile ground of learning and students need to be encouraged to take chances and make mistakes. These mentors spend time with students with the specific goal of increasing student confidence in their abilities. This often means setting wider reading, wider watching, project based tasks and going on cultural and educational excursions rather specific focus on teaching a subject area. If the student would benefit from some confidence building learning, often outside of the classroom then we would recommending a Confidence Mentor


Extra curricular

For whatever your child is passionate about outside of the classroom! If they are looking to develop their understanding and skills in art, music, film, sports, fashion, computing… anything. Our specialist mentors can help inspire students in whatever pursuit they c. These mentors are often academically able as well so can often provide some academic support and guidance when it is needed. If your child is enjoying school, is doing well in most subjects and really enjoys some of their extra-curricular studies we would recommend an Extra-Curricular Mentor



For some students, having an academic mentor can make all the difference. This works best when students are already doing well at school, but are looking to widen horizons. They can do this by having regular conversations and sessions with a subject specialist. The big difference between this role and a specialist tutor is that an Academic Mentor will teach things that go beyond the curriculum. For example, if the student is looking to go to university and study a subject beyond school and wants some insight from someone who is a subject specialist in this area, we would recommend an Academic Mentor