Entrance into your child's preferred school needn't be a stress at 13+

The extra workload that accompanies the 13 plus can sometimes overwhelm students who suddenly find themselves with exams in more subjects than they've ever had before.  

To help out at this exciting time, we've collected everything you might want to know about the 13 plus. If you are completely new to Common Entrance and want to familiarise yourself with it, we recommend you go to our dedicated Common Entrance pagebefore coming back here later.

Have a look at The Facts to check through the different subjects and requirements at this level, What we do to see what kind of education we provide, and Get in Contact if you have a specific question or want to enquire about booking a free trial tutorial.

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Our revision sessions are pretty exciting. Just have a look...

Getting organised for 13 + can be demanding. Building understanding and confidence is the aim of the game at 13+: both in the subjects that students receive tuition, and across the wider curriculum. 



We believe that giving students the keys to their own learning helps fosters success at this level, and in their future studies. Our GCSE tutorials:

  • develop revision skills

  • provide active revision tasks and exercises 

  • help structure and organise revision effectively

  • help boost confidence

Learn more about the importance of independence in learning and the constructivist theory of learning. Or get in touch to book a free trial tutorial.


At GCSE knowing how to convey your understanding of a topic is often just as important as knowing the content of the course. Our GCSE tutorials

  • allow students lots of time to practice

  • offer a close focus on 'how to answer' big questions

  • provide and discuss model answers

  • discuss common pitfalls

Not only are students given lots of opportunities for exam practice in tutorials, tutors teach exam technique that can make the difference between grades.



Aside from lots of practice, students that do well at GCSE are those that are able to reflect on feedback and flexibly respond to this feedback.

Having regular and specific feedback allows students to focus on hitting target grades and up-levelling.

Tutors at this level will:

  • provide specific advice and feedback

  • focus on examination assessment objectives

  • give written reports delivered by email after every lesson detailing how students can improve their work.


Our goal is to make things as easy as possible for parents and as academically invigorating as possible for students.

  • All tutors are DBS checked. Once enrolled, we will send you a selection of tutors to pick from.

  • Once you've picked your favoured tutor we'll organise a free introductory tutorial at your convenience.

  • All invoices can be paid easily at the end of every month with one click. 

Need to ask us a specific question about the 13+ ? Or just want to talk to someone free of charge about your child's situation? Get in contact and we'll schedule a free telephone consultation.

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